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March 2018
Tax Reform, the New Standard Deduction and Bunching
The Importance of Selecting A Quality Benefit Plan Auditor
Meals & Entertainment Expenses Post Tax Reform
Tax Reform for Businesses
Clarification on the Qualified Residential Interest Deduction
February 2018
Tax Reform for Individuals
New Partnership Audit Rules Begin in 2018
Tax “Extender” Provisions in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018
January 2018
U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenge to the Physical Presence Requirement for Sales Tax Nexus
Income Tax Withholding Tables Released
Recent Tax Reform Presents Opportunities for Businesses
Corporate Tax Reform – Summary of New Laws Taking Effect
Tax Reform RESOLUTIONS for Businesses
December 2017
What Tax Reform Means for Individuals and Businesses
Year End Tax Tips – In Preparation of Federal Tax Reform
November 2017
Weiss & Company Merges in Fischman & Associates, Ltd.
House Republicans Pass Tax Plan
October 2017
Weiss & Company Announces Promotions
Does Your Business Need a Temporary CFO?
Are You Ready for the New IRS Partnership Audit Rules?
Estimated Tax Payments: Don’t Forget!
Protect Your Company Against Fraud
Considering a Business Acquisition?
September 2017
Why Partnership Tax Status May Sometimes be Unwanted
IRS: Beware of Charity Scams Related to Hurricane Harvey
Five Recent Supreme Court Decisions that Could Affect Your Business
Learn the ABC’s of Higher Education Tax Breaks
Help from the IRS for Hurricane Victims
August 2017
It’s Time to Change Your Password
July 2017
The Illinois Budget and How to Determine Tax Due
Know the Rules for Amending a Federal Income Tax Return
Capital vs. Ordinary: Classifying Income and Losses Affects Your Taxes
Can Your Research Credits Offset Your Payroll Tax Bill?
Unlock the Biggest Possible Deduction for a Home Office
What Illinois’ New Budget Means for your Business and your Wallet
May 2017
Considering A Business Acquisition?
Tax Court Interprets Exceptions to the PAL Rules for Rental Properties
Spring Cleaning: When Can You Purge Your Old Financial Records?
The Ins and Outs of Deducting Legal Expenses
Estimated Tax Payments: Don’t Forget!
Establishing Residency for State Tax Purposes
April 2017
Computers: The New Crime Scene
Protect Your Company Against Fraud
Executive Compensation: What are IRS Auditors Looking For?
Are You Turning 70 1/2? Here Is Some Important Information.
External Factors in Business Valuations
Want to File an Amended Tax Return?
March 2017
Factoring Uncertainty into the Value of Your Business
Employers: You Are Now Required to Use the New Form I-9
Republicans’ Policy Brief Explains Repeal-and-Replace Plan
Consider Section 179 Deductions for Real Estate Expenses
How S Corporations Can Save on Federal Employment Taxes
10 Important Tax-Related Developments for 2016
February 2017
Consider State Taxes When Deciding Where to Live in Retirement
IRS Updates FAQs on Certain ACA Provisions
Train Employees to Avoid Cybercrime
IRS: Watch Out for a W-2 Scam Targeting Payroll and HR Departments
Tax Fraud Awareness: How to Protect Your Identity and Assets
Tax Deadlines Loom for Employers. Minimum Wages Rise in Many States
January 2017
Weiss & Company Expands with the Addition of Karen Leavitt and Sandra Siegal
IRS Extends Deadline to Provide 2016 ACA Forms to Recipients
New Overtime Rules Suspended for Now
Expanded EEO-1 Form Means New Responsibilities for Employers
Cures Act Approves HRAs for Small Employers
December 2016
2016 Year in Review
2016 Tax Letter for Individuals
2016 Tax Letter for Businesses
The Holiday Season is also Tax-Planning Season
IDOR Announces Changes to the 2016 Illinois Business Income Tax Filing Due Dates
2016 Year End Tax Planning Guide
November 2016
Paradigm Shift: The New Age of Accounting
How Much Will Social Security Recipients Collect Monthly in 2017?
IRS Issues New Regs on Allocating Debt to Partners and LLC Members
New IRS Regs on Disguised Sales Affect Partnerships and LLCs
How to Make the Most of Medical Expense Deductions
IRS: We Disagree with Court Decision Involving Customer Loyalty Discounts
Start Date of the New Federal Overtime Rule Faces Opposition
October 2016
Did You Miss the 60-Day Deadline for Your IRA Rollover?
Got Questions about the New Overtime Rule?
New Warning: Watch Out for Fake ACA-Related Tax Bill E-mails
Managing an Important Task
Your Company May Benefit from a PTO Bank
September 2016
Back to School Tips for Grown-Ups
Tax Savvy Planning Strategies for Inherited IRAs
Weiss & Company Announces New Managers
Compare and Contrast the Republican and Democratic Tax Platforms
3 Taxes People Love to Hate
July 2016
Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Protect Valuable and Vulnerable Assets
New IRS Guidance for Designated Roth Accounts
IRA Charitable Donations: An Alternative to Taxable Required Distributions
The Financial Rewards of Buying a Condo for Your Kids College Housing
EEOC Penalties Rise Effective July 2016
June 2016
How to Maximize the Value of Your Business
May 2016
Health Savings Account Limits for 2017
New Rules for Certain Investment Advisors
The Current State of Minimum Wage Laws, Plus the Overtime Debate
Despite Expiration Date, Employers Should Continue to Use Form I-9
April 2016
Despite Expiration Date, Employers Should Continue to Use Form I-9
The Latest Tax Developments for Partnerships
Strengthen the Weak Links in Your Cybersecurity Plan
Too Much Paperwork? What You Can Throw Away After Filing
Are You Using Chip Cards Yet?
EEOC Takes Aim at Gender-Based Pay Discrimination
March 2016
Could Your Business Benefit from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit?
Recent Change in Form 1099- B Could Lead to Duplicate Reporting
Five Last Minute Moves to Lower Your 2015 Tax Bill
Educate Yourself about the Tax Benefits for Higher Education
Green Tax Breaks for Individuals
Don’t Let March Madness Turn Into Workplace Madness
February 2016
Ten Elections That Can Save Money on Your 2015 Federal Taxes
Weiss & Company LLP Welcomes 2016 Intern Class
Get More Bang for Your Buck with Tax-Favored Employee Benefits
Use A Systematic Approach to Set Your Prices
Do After Hours Communications Qualify for Overtime Pay?
Estate Tax Round Up: An Overview of Recent Developments
January 2016
Penalties on Information Returns Increased for 2015 Reporting
Weiss & Company LLP Announces New Partner
December 2015
Congress Passes Tax Extender Package – Obama Expected to Sign
Illinois Sales Tax Rate Changes Effective January 1, 2016
November 2015
2015 Year End Tax Planning Guide
October 2015
Seasonal IRS Announcements: Stop to Reflect on Taxes
Fiscal Year 2016 Travel Per Diem Rates Now Available
A Recipe for Deducting Meals, Parties and Gifts Provided to Employees
IRS Impersonation Telephone Scam
Could you be a Victim of Tax Identity Theft?
September 2015
Weiss & Company LLP Named One of the 2015 Best Accounting Firms to Work For
August 2015
Weiss & Company LLP Expands with the Addition of a Family Office Practice
July 2015
Weiss & Company Announcements
Relief Ended for Small Employers Paying Workers’ Insurance Premiums
Health Savings Account Limits for 2016
Employer Information about the High Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Use Stay Interviews to Keep Your Best People on Board
Two New Estate Tax Developments from the IRS
June 2015
Weiss & Company Announcements
A Dozen Ways to Cut Taxes this Summer
Health Coverage: New IRS Guidance on Forms 1094 and 1095
Train Employees to Avoid Inadvertent Cyber-Security Breaches
Update on Medicare Insurance Premiums and Related Tax Deductions
Rules on Deducting Business Start-Up Expenses
May 2015
Biggest IRS Scams: Identity Tax Refund Fraud
Tax Paperwork and Other Items: What to Keep and What to Toss
Test Your Small Business Finance IQ
Do You Keep Adequate Records for Charitable Contributions?
Tax Deadline Reminder: FBARS due by June 30th
April 2015
Last Minute Personal Tax Filing Reminders
Paying Yourself Too Much? Too Little? Be Ready for an IRS Challenge
Can You Deduct Job Related Moving Expenses?
Safeguard Your Personal Info Against Online Surveillance
How to Tap into the Millennial Market
March 2015
Employers Get Extension on Work Opportunity Tax Credit Paperwork
QuickBooks Upgrade Coming May 31, 2015
Small Business Reprieve on Health Premium Reimbursement Plans
Spring Fever: How to Keep March Madness under Control
Can You Require Employee Vaccines?
Should You Convert Your Home to Rental Property?
Weiss & Company LLP Announcements
February 2015
IRS Makes it Easier for Small Businesses to Apply Repair Regulations to 2014 and Future Years
2014 Federal Tax Returns: Something Borrowed, Something New
IRS Aims to Ground More Offshore Accounts
S Corps and Partnerships: Beware of Failure-to-File Penalties
A Cautionary Tale About Charitable Donations
January 2015
Important Tax Figures for 2015
IRS Announces Various Tax Benefit Increases for 2015
Start the New Year With a Personal Finance Checkup
FASB Issues ASU on Pushdown Accounting
No Current Deductions Before Business Commences
Lower Student Loan Payments Using the Income Based Repayment Program
Businesses: How to Help Prepare for Audit Season
The Latest News on the Personal Use of Company Cars
The Latest News on the Personal Use of Company Cars
December 2014
Congress Provides Tax Relief and Help for the Disabled
2014 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals
2014 Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses
Weiss & Company LLP Announcements
October 2014
Ten Year-End Tax Planning Ideas for Individuals
January 2014
Maximize Social Security Benefits When You Retire
Act NOW to Benefit from Business Tax Breaks Extended by Congress
Are You Ready to Play the Charitable Giving Game?
Congress Extends Many Tax Breaks for Individuals
IRS and Social Security Announce Increased Benefits for 2015
Employer Penalty Alert for Reimbursing Employee Health Coverage
Year-End Marital Status and Taxes: Timing Is Everything
Medical Emergency at the Worksite? Take Steps to Prepare
Investing in College: Tax Credits and Other Tips to Maximize Your Return
Year End Tax Planning Strategies for Small Business
IRS and Social Security Announce Increased Benefits for 2015
Businesses: How to Help Prepare for Audit Season

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