Author - Grace Piotrowski

February 27, 2023

All in the Family: A Career Path with the Right Support

My parents are both CPAs, and my brother majored in accounting, so it wasn’t a surprise when I followed suit and took an accounting class in high school. At first, my parents thought I was crazy. “You see how much we work and what we go through?” they said. But I really liked accounting, and I was really good at it.

I got a degree in accounting from Northern Illinois University, stayed on for another year to get my master’s degree, and then got my CPA in December 2022. After school, I started at a bigger accounting firm where I’d interned, but it just wasn’t the right fit – I knew right then that a small firm environment was what I wanted. So I reached out to Weiss and found exactly what I was looking for in my career.

There’s a family-oriented feel here, a really welcoming environment. Everything is collaborative; we all work together to get the job done, and everyone has your back. And I also have a great mentor in (Weiss partner) Katherine Chung, who gives me the kind of support I never had before. The bottom line is, Weiss has given me what I need to succeed.

– Grace Piotrowski, Staff Accountant

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