April 10, 2020

CARES Act Rebate Checks: IRS Update

As you’re no doubt aware, the IRS has committed to begin issuing the CARES Act economic impact payments – also referred to as stimulus payments or rebate checks – within the next few weeks. While payment is automatic for most taxpayers, the agency recently updated its website with special tools designed to help speed up payment to certain recipients.

These include a portal for non-filers – that is, people who did not or weren’t required to file a federal tax return in 2018 or 2019 – to provide direct deposit information needed to expedite payment.

A second portal that will allow all taxpayers to check the status of their payments as well as update their address and direct deposit information will be available in mid-April.

Read the entire update on the IRS website.

For timely updates and advice about pandemic-related developments, visit the COVID-19 News and Information Center on our website.

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