Safe Send Organizer

SafeSend Organizer® – the Premium Tax Delivery & Engagement Solution

We are pleased to offer SafeSend Organizer to our clients as a seamless digital tax engagement platform. The platform conveniently guides you through all of the typical tax preparation processes in a streamlined electronic format. Once you’ve filled out the organizer with all of the requisite tax details, SafeSend automatically sends the information and accompanying documentation back to Weiss & Company LLP – it’s that easy!

The Benefits of SafeSend Organizer®

Effortlessly communicate all relevant tax information to Weiss this tax season through a one-stop tax season solution. Explore the benefits of using SafeSend Organizer:

  • Completely paperless, efficient, aimed at making client’s life easier
  • Client-friendly interface allows for an easy user experience
  • Stop and start any time you like – the Organizer has Save capabilities
  • Forms automatically sent to Weiss upon completion – no emails necessary

How it Works: Step by Step

  1. Complete the SafeSend Organizer request form on our website.
  2. If you would like a SafeSend organizer, make your request in the form below. Within 24hrs, you’ll receive an email from SafeSend displayed as: Weiss & Company LLP
  3. The subject line of the email will be displayed as: Please Review and Complete your Tax Organizer for Weiss & Company LLP
  4. Add this email address to your safe senders list in your email platform.
  5. The email will contain a secure link to access your organizer. Click on the link.
  6. You will then be directed to the Start Page. Click the yellow button labeled ‘Get Started’.
  7. After clicking the Get Started button, SafeSend will email you an access code to verify your identity. After receiving the access code, enter it in the code field.
  8. You will then be directed to the Welcome Page. Press the green button labeled ‘Click Here to Continue’.
  9. You will then be redirected back to the Welcome Page. From there you can complete any of the following: Download the signed engagement letter, complete your organizer, or upload documents.
  10. After completing the forms and uploading all documentation, click the Notify Tax Professional button to submit everything.
  11. Weiss will then be automatically notified of your submission.

Video Tutorial
SafeSend Organizer Tutorial

Request a SafeSend Tax Organizer

Interested in making your life a whole lot easier this tax season? Now you can! SafeSend Organizer® provides our clients with a simple, secure, and streamlined tax preparation solution. Weiss clients can request access to a SafeSend Organizer by filling out the form below.

Please contact your Weiss representative if you need assistance with setting up or logging into your account.

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