September 6, 2023

5 Reasons Controllership Services Could Work for Your Business

Every company needs a controller, but not every company has a controller. It could be a function of timing, such as a gap between hiring FTEs, or a factor of company size.

One of the best things about controllership services at Weiss & Company LLP is the flexibility it offers. Companies who need the expertise of a controller, but can’t justify funding a full-time position, can have the best of both worlds as Weiss clients.

Laura Mleko is a manager in Weiss’ Accounting & Controllership Services department. With more than 20 years of accounting services at firms and private industry, she’s a big fan of controllership services. Mleko likened it to “your back office help desk.” Setting up the system is our forte and then we show you how to use it to your advantage. We make sure you have the data you need to do what you do best – run your business.

1: Controllership Services will set up all of the systems, procedures, internal controls, and reports a business owner needs to make smart financial decisions.
Running a business is never easy. But when you have the data you need to make business decisions, that’s one less worry. That’s what a good back office system provides: peace of mind.

Bonnie Aberly is an associate at Weiss who specializes in “accounting, payroll, consolidated financial statement preparation as well as business and software consulting and set up.” These systems are the foundational bedrock of any business. Weiss Controllership Services clients rely on Aberly and her colleagues to get their business systems set up correctly. An online system is only as good as the data it stores, accesses, and analyzes.

One of Aberly’s longtime clients said of her, “Bonnie cares more about your business than you do.” Aberly’s dedication to service goes to the heart of Weiss’ Controllership Services.

2: Controllership Services can prevent mistakes from escalating.
It’s inevitable: mistakes will happen. Even with the best policies and people taking care of the day-to-day transactions such as payroll, billings, accounts payable, cash receipts and collections, occasional mistakes occur. But with Weiss Controllership services at the helm, mistakes are typically uncovered early in the process, before they do any real damage that would subject a company to stiff financial penalties.

3: Controllership Services helps you minimize tax liabilities.
Start ups, “Mom and Pop” companies, family businesses, service businesses of all types, professional practices (medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary, and legal), and real estate ventures are just a few of the businesses who work with Weiss. Each of them is run by an owner-employee, someone who both provides the services and signs the checks.

These businesses are all different, but what they share is a dedication to their own clients. Owner-employees do not have the time or knowledge of accounting nuances to know how to reduce their tax obligations. Instead, they turn to Weiss, who regularly steps up and steers them through the morass of IRS rules and regulations.

4: Controllership Services offers unbiased, objective advice.
Exit strategies and retirement planning are entwined whether the person in charge is an owner-employee or a hired CEO. When it comes time to sell, transition, spin off, or close a business, an owner or CEO will turn to trusted advisors for counsel. If it’s a family business with generations of relatives on the payroll, the issues of succession planning are even more complex.

Clients of Weiss’s Controllership Services have a team waiting to assist them. They work seamlessly with other professionals such as legal counsels, bankers or insurance advisors. The Weiss team is there to support clients in their decisions, both now and in the future.

5: Controllership Services allows clients to focus on other important work issues. We show you how to ignore the noise. What does this really mean? Controllership Services saves you time so you can focus on your business.
Time is your most precious commodity. Aberly said, “At Weiss, we go above and beyond. If it means taking clients by the hand and showing them how to do something, we’ll do it. We can advise you which data points matter more than others. As we work with clients over time, working relationships deepen and trust builds. We have seen how our clients feel more confident making good decisions as they rely on us more.”

All of this translates into time saved. It means you are working more efficiently — and hopefully worrying less.

Shift the back office responsibilities for your business over to Weiss’ controllership services team. From catching mistakes before they escalate, to looking for ways to save taxes, to having a ready sounding board available to offer objective advice, Weiss is in your corner. Saying yes to controllership services might be the smartest decision you make for your business this year.

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