March 26, 2019

The Argument for Using a CPA Firm to Handle Your Taxes

“Why should I use a CPA firm for my taxes?”

We hear that question a lot this time of year, especially this year, in the wake of all the changes triggered by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. We hear it from taxpayers of all ages, at every income level. But the truth is, there’s no simple answer. Using Weiss & Company or any CPA firm to handle your tax needs is very much a personal choice.

It’s been our experience that no return is too simple nor too complex (we are a BDO Alliance Firm and can loop them in on very advanced or international issues) for our help to be of real value to a given taxpayer. We have clients who come to us with nothing more than a W-2, fully aware that they could file online with TurboTax or a comparable program. Other clients have extremely complex and voluminous returns for which professional fees can run into the 5-digit range every year.

What they all have in common is trust – the trust they place in our expertise, our judgment, and our integrity. Below is a sampling of the many things we do to earn that trust, for each and every client, year after year.

– We prepare tax returns as part of our professional services. One of the core points of our mission is to help clients manage their tax planning and compliance intelligently.

– We are available for calls and meetings as the need arises throughout the year. Our initial meetings for each new project or proposal come without any additional charge.

– The services we provide are backed by the full resources of our firm and the knowledge, experience, and judgment of the partners and support staff working on your business.

– Engaging us is the start of a professional relationship that includes far more than preparing a tax return. We aspire to be your “partner” in your quest for financial security, an advocate you can call on with any type of financial, investment, business or employment compensation question.

– We can offer advice to help you maximize tax savings opportunities, for both the return we are working on now and the current tax year.

– We require all of our tax accountants to do a substantial amount of continuing education coursework, including tax updates, to stay current with fellow professionals and up to speed on the latest tax-saving tools and trends.

– We welcome the opportunity to consult with you about the financial aspects of life-changing events, including divorce, retirement, funding children’s college, buying a home, and others.

– We are extremely well-versed in the myriad forms and substantiation requirements of the tax code, and regularly advise our clients about what is needed and when it must be in their possession.

– We can explain special tax rules that apply to businesses, including inventory methods, basis of accounting, start-up costs, T&E expenses and tax credits.

– We are always available to assist and handle tax audits, offering advice on how to minimize the cost of representation and prepare returns that will not create “red flags.”

– We can assist with tax agency notices and mail audits – increasingly, these are initiated by IRS/state computers as staffing levels are cut – and in most cases we do not charge to look at these notices and respond on your behalf.

– We are always accessible and available to our clients, regardless of the time of year or nature of your request. Just give us a call. That’s why we’re here.

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